Friday, October 9, 2015

Macs are strong machines, but some times after a period of work they become slow and get more lazy at work. Dispatching and exchanging programs takes longer, the dreaded Spinning Beach Ball appears more regularly, and soon even simple tasks become arduous. What's going on? and Why Is My Mac Running Slow?

To Solve this problem for any computer, you have to know some basic informations about computer components, how computer works? And why this problem happens?

How MAC computer works?

1- Computer Components

All computers consist of Tow parts:
a. Hardware.
Which is the physical parts or components of a computer, such as the motherboard, monitor, keyboard, computer data storage, hard disk drive (HDD), memory, mouse, graphic cards, sound cards, and so on, all of which are physical objects that are tangible.

b. Software.
Which is any set of machine-readable instructions that directs a computer's processor to perform specific
operations, for example media players, text editors, internet browsers.

2- Computer Operating System

An operating system (OS) is system software that manages computer hardware and software resources and provides common services for computer programs.
Computer Hardware and software need an operating system. Such as Linux, Windows, MAC OS.

3- Running Applications

All Application software we use are stored on the hard disk drive (HDD).

When user request to run any application the central processing unit  (CPU) reads all stored data from HDD and put them into random access memory (RAM) then  start process them.

CPU prefer to use RAM while execution programs because it is faster in read and write than HDD, But RAM is a small temporary storage capacity, for example RAM is 8G but HDD more than 1000G.

Because the limited storage of RAM, OS always free the RAM from the all finished application to reuse this space with new applications.

In case if you want to run more applications at the same time and there is not enough space left in RAM to hold the new data.

The OS will solve the insufficient RAM space to run more application by reserving some free space found in HDD as a virtual memory and start using it beside the real RAM.

The problem is, The HDD is slower than RAM, so using virtual memory on HDD will slow the processing of applications.

The worst case rise when want to run more applications while your HDD is almost full and there is not enough space for virtual memory.

Then your computer will suffer and become so slow waiting to finish some jobs to free some small space to the next job.

Fix the RAM and HDD problem 

  • Running too many applications at the same time leads to consuming hardware resources, and we should close the finished applications to free RAM from the old data.
  • Add more or Replace your old RAM with bigger one to Increase its capacity.
  • If the HDD free space is small try to buy a big one.
  • Clean and delete all unnecessary files including old files from your HDD or move old files to external drives and delete the originals.

    You can Download Detox for MAC to Clean Your HDD

CPU always busy.

The speed of the CPU is fixed and it is shared between computer programs and tasks ,Each time you run more program at the same time, will cost CPU much more time and efforts to run and manage your data and tasks, CPU works to execute a lot of tasks some of them we know like our programs and some others we can't see like the Operating System tasks and Computer Input Output devices.
what if there is some hidden programs always run in our computer, spying on us or stealing our sensitive data, sure these programs will not finish and will make the CPU always busy.

Fix the busy CPU

  • You should close All finished applications, to reduces the CPU consumption .
  • Use Virus & spyware protection software and cleaner.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Every new computer start works fine and fast, there is no problem, but by time they become slow, Why?

  • By the time all new applications becomes bigger with more features and settings which require more hardware resources such as fast processor, more HDD storage space and more RAM space, and that will make our current computer to be slow.
  • When we using our computer programs most of  them stores settings, temporary files,  history logs, update their files with new versions, add more packages from internet and so on, so they always become bigger and need more space on HDD.
  • Every application we install adding more files to the OS and store additional setting to the system.
  • When we startup our computer it needs more time to load the new files and new setting added to the system.
  • Even when we uninstall them, some of their settings and temporary log files stay in HDD.

Fix the File Increasing .

  1. Install only the needed applications.
  2. Clean and delete all unnecessary files including old files from your HDD or move old files to external drives and delete the originals.
  3. Using cleaner applications which clean your HDD from Application Leftovers, Trashes, Cache Files, Logs, History files to speed up your computer.

    You can Download Detox for MAC to Clean Your HDD

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What is Detox My Mac?

Detox My Mac is the most powerful Mac cleaning application for Mac's on the internet today. Using sophisticated technology to remove unwanted files, junk and leftovers that can slow down you Mac, and take up precious disk-space.

How Does Detox My Mac Work?

Detox My Mac will intelligently scan using state-of-the-art technology to find and remove files that will affect your Mac's speed, application responsiveness and more. This will result in a noticeably faster and more enjoyable Mac!

Why Choose Detox My Mac?

  • The most advanced and comprehensive Mac cleaner on the internet.
  • Enjoy a faster Mac, with more responsive and enjoyable applications without a hardware upgrade!
  • Over 32 Detox and Sub-Detox functions for maximum cleaning and customization!
  • 24/7 Expert technical support
  • One-time fee, no contracts or rebills.
  • Free updates of Detox My Mac for life!
  • PLUS - Enjoy a rock-solid 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with Detox My Mac, just drop us an e-mail, and we'll refund every penny paid. Guaranteed.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Introduction to Detox My Mac

Detox My Mac is a new and advanced Mac cleaning application for Mac OSX 10.5 and upwards.
This application is the most powerful Mac cleaning application on the internet right now,
Its simple and affective, See how you can clean and speed up your Mac

Another video on How to Clean up Mac.

Download Detox My Mac for Clean Up, Speed Up & Optimize Your Mac.

Macs are fantastic and reliable machines that most probably were among the fastest of computers when you first brought it home from the store.
However, with many new exciting Macs coming out all the time and with all the system hungry software programs and applications coming out, your current Mac might pale in comparison to the latest Macs out there, when it comes to sheer speed.
Of course , you don't have to replace your Mac to a newer one at all the time, so“How to speed up mac?”.

1. Clearing Your Desktop

Your desktop affects in how long it takes for you to boot the system because it’s the first screen that it has to load up.
As much as possible, try to keep it simple by minimizing the number of icons from the desktop and clearing up the amount of files you can see. You can either delete them or put them into folders so that the operating system doesn’t have to waste additional resources to load them upon starting your computer.

2. Managing Startup Items

Every time you power up your Mac, a bunch of programs will start as your Mac boots up.
And also every time you install some applications, they automatically configured your startup setting such that these applications would be loaded up when you boot up your Mac.
All this settings take a toll on system resources, causing  your Mac to take a while to boot up and be at your service. To check your starting lineup, go to System Preferences–>Users & Groups–>Login Items and then give the items a quick scan.

You are not uninstalling anything if you un-check them. You are just telling your Mac that these programs don’t need to start up every time you boot up your Mac.

3. Getting Hardware Upgrade

Upgrading your RAM is probably the simplest way to ensure a faster computer. As compared to upgrading your processor, it is also much cheaper. If you only have one piece of RAM attached in your Mac, consider getting another one.

At the very least, your Mac should have a 2 GB RAM minimum, and 4 GB RAM is recommended. If you are using 2GB/4GB ram and still finds it running slow, consider getting an additional 2 GB RAM that would logically speed up the performance by 50%.

Another alternative is to get a faster hard drive or use a Solid State Drive (SSD), wich allows the processor to find information on the hard disk in a much, much faster manner than when compared to reading data from a conventional hard disk with a lot of moving parts.

4. Cleaning Up the Hard Drive

All Modern Operating Systems use the hard disk space for temporary storage. Temporary  files, Cache files,  and (most importantly) virtual memory swap files help the OS juggle limited RAM resources among the many apps and tasks which are running.

When your hard drive fills up too much, the free disk space that helps the OS is become smaller and then the system performance suffers.

To free up space you have to delete unneeded data, including old downloads, installers and .zip archives.  There are several Gigabytes of files in your top level /Library/Application Support folder for things like Garage Band, iDVD, etc., which you can delete if you don’t use these applications.  You can also move files to external drives and delete the originals.
You can use cleaner applications such as Detox My Mac, will help to remove all unnecessary files and speed up your Mac.

Download Detox My Mac for Clean Up, Speed Up & Optimize Your Mac.
How To Speed Up A Mac using Detox My Mac

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